Survivor 2013 Season 27 Cast: Who Will Win Blood vs. Water?

Survivor 2013 Season 27 Cast: Who Will Win Blood vs. Water?

Can you believe Survivor has been around for 27 seasons? We remember watching the first season of the show and thinking that television had just changed forever. Since then, there have been hundreds of reality TV shows of all varieties spawned all over the world. But there is still only one Survivor — the ultimate challenge for any survival reality TV show competitor.

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For Survivor 27, the producers have pulled out a new twist and paired up family members (or boyfriends/girlfriends) to compete for the million dollar prize. In Survivor: Blood vs. Water, ten previous Survivor contestants will return with a loved one in tow. They will work together as a team and then, eventually, battle against each other.

Among the Survivor 2013 cast members for season 27 are a number of notable previous players, including fan favorite Rupert Boneham and his wife Laura; Aras Baskauskas and brother Vytas; and Tina Wesson with daughter Katie Collins. One of the most detested contestants ever on Survivor is also coming back for a second round, Colton Cumbie and his fiancé, Caleb Bankston.

Another interesting Survivor: Blood vs. Water cast member for this season is former Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss. This marks the first time that a Big Brother contestant has also appeared on Survivor, although several Big Brother players have gone on to appear on other CBS reality TV shows like The Amazing Race. Hayden Moss will be joined on Survivor 27 by his girlfriend, former Survivor: One World contestant.

Check out the full list of Survivor season 27 cast members below. Who does your gut tell you will be the Survivor winner this season? We’ve spun our bottle and decided to place our first (tiny) bet on Colton — just for the dramatic “hell no!” responses from our readers. (Seriously, we have no idea who is going to win yet…)

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water Cast List:

Tyson Apostol, 34
Survivor: Tocantins (second jury member); Heroes vs. Villains (voted out sixth)
Rachel Foulger, 33

Aras Baskauskas, 31
Survivor: Panama — Exile Island (winner)
Vytas Baskauskas, 33

Rupert Boneham, 49
Survivor: Pearl Islands (second jury member); All Stars (sixth jury member, fan favorite winner); Heroes vs. Villains (seventh jury member)
Laura Boneham, 44

Candice Cody, 30
Survivor: Cook Islands (fifth jury member); Heroes vs. Villains (fifth jury member)
John Cody, 30

Monica Culpepper, 42
Survivor: One World (voted out fifth)
Brad Culpepper, 44

Colton Cumbie, 22
Survivor: One World (medical evacuation, sixth out)
Caleb Bankston, 26

Kat Edorsson, 23
Survivor: One World (sixth jury member)
Hayden Moss, 26 (Big Brother 12 winner)

Laura Morett, 43
Survivor: Samoa (third jury member)
Ciera Eastin, 24

Gervase Peterson, 43
Survivor: Borneo (third jury member)
Marissa Peterson, 21

Tina Wesson, 53
Survivor: Australia (winner); All Stars (first eliminated)
Katie Collins, 25

  • james

    Ha you guessed Colton, that would have been a travesty!!! I want to for real put money on the winner, anyone know where to do that? my guess is Hayden or a Monika