Who Was Eliminated on Survivor 2013 Blood vs. Water Last Night?

Who Was Eliminated on Survivor 2013 Blood vs. Water Last Night?

The Survivor season 27 contestants tested their relationship in the premiere of Survivor Blood vs. Water.  Past contestants returned with their loved ones for the ultimate Survivor challenge.  Who was eliminated on last night’s Survivor Blood vs. Water? 

Survivor Blood vs. Water started with the big reveal that the returning Survivor contestants would be competing against their loved ones, not with.  After getting their tribe buffs (Galang for the returning contestants and Tadhana for the new) the contestants didn’t have much time to recover from the shock when Jeff announced they had to immediately vote off a tribe member.

Galang voted of Candice and Tadhana voted off Laura, Rupert’s loved one.  Before Jeff Probst could send them off, he announced that Redemption Island was back for Survivor Season 27.  To make things even more interesting on Survivor Blood vs. Water, Jeff announced contestants could take the place of their loved ones on Redemption Island!  Rupert immediately stepped up to take his wife’s place, which put her on his team.   Candice told her husband John she wanted to compete against Rupert, so he went back to camp with his tribe.

In the first Survivor Blood vs. Water immunity challenge the tribes tested their physical and mental abilities by completing a water obstacle course and solving a puzzle.  Gervase held up the Galang tribe, but the women of Galang made up for lost time and then some!  They completed all three portions of the puzzle for the win before Tadhana could even complete one.  Galang won immunity and flint for fire they already had.

Before tribal council, the Tadhana guys made an alliance to take out the women one by one.  They contemplated taking out Marissabecause of her uncle Gervase’s over celebrating the win and Katie because she lacked any sort of help during the puzzle portion of the immunity challenge.

In the end, Marissa was eliminated on last night’s Survivor Blood vs. Water.  It isn’t over for her yet.  She will go to Redemption Island for her chance to get back in the game!

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