Who Was Eliminated On The Amazing Race Season 23 Tonight? Week 2

Who Was Eliminated On The Amazing Race Season 23 Tonight? Week 2

Thanks to the NFL and their constant need to run football games way over their scheduled end time, we had a late start to The Amazing Race 2013 tonight, but we finally got to see the new episode, so who was eliminated on The Amazing Race Season 23 tonight? You can find that out and get some quick details in our The Amazing Race 2013 spoilers that follow!

While the teams traveled to Chile during the premiere last week, they stayed right there for the second leg of the race. This leg featured the teams having to break huge rocks of salt to find a clue and riding bikes and salt baths and shining shoes. The episode also brought to light how much everyone, including me, how much we hate Marie. 

Her and Tim won the first leg of the race and won an Express Pass to give out to another team before the end of the fifth leg of the race. This apparently means that Marie holds some special power, or so she thinks so in her mind. She is very outspoken and kind of harsh about it. The other teams don’t like her and don’t even care about the Express Pass, seeming they don’t want to kiss up to her!

The Queens of Bingo (Rowan and Shane) should have been kissing up to them on The Amazing Race Season 23, as they had a heck of a time with this leg of the race. Not that they weren’t given the chances to catch up and not finish last, but they screwed up all their chances. This meant they were the last team to check-in with host Phil Keoghan and were eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight!

What do you think of the results tonight on The Amazing Race Season 23?

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