Who Was Voted Off Survivor 2013 Last Night?-Episode 8

Who Was Voted Off Survivor 2013 Last Night?-Episode 8

The Survivor 2013 merge occurred last night and a Redemption Island castoff rejoined the game!  Who was voted off Survivor 2013 last night?


Before the merge occurred the last Redemption Island battle took place for John, Laura M., and Laura B.  In their last challenge, the contestants had to hold on to a pole for as long as they could.  Once any part of their body touched the ground they were out of the competition.  John, who has dominated the Redemption Island challenges, struggled to find and keep a foot hold.  He hit the ground first.  Laura M was solid on the pole but Laura B slowly slid to the bottom.  Laura M. got herself back into Survivor Season 27 last night.

After the challenge, the contestants dropped their buffs and became one tribe.  The alliances that had already formed tried to hold together, but they had some loopholes.  Ciera was already in an alliance of individuals.  Now that her mom is back in the game they had power to sway an alliance.  Aras and Vytas planned to stay in an alliance of the original Galang tribe.  They didn’t know there was another alliance formed within their own; the alliance didn’t include them.

For last night’s Survivor 2013 Blood vs. Water immunity challenge the contestants had to watch a series of symbols and repeat them back.  It only took two rounds to narrow it down to Aras and Vytas.  Vytas won immunity last night on Survivor 2013.  Going into tribal council Aras and Vytas were confident that their alliance was splitting the votes between Laura and Ciera.  However, their alliance had other plans and Aras was voted off Survivor 2013 last night.

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