Who Was Eliminated On American Idol Season 13 Tonight? Top 15 Guys

Who Was Eliminated On American Idol Season 13 Tonight? Top 15 Guys

We are getting closer and closer to finding out who made the Top 13 on American Idol 2014, but before that could happen the Top 15 Guys on American Idol Season 13 had to find out their fate with the American Idol judges 2014, so who was eliminated on American Idol Season 13 tonight? Find out the details below in our American Idol Season 13 spoilers!

The night started with 15 guys in the holding cell waiting to find out their fate from Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. Ten of the guys would be singing and the other five would be eliminated. Then it is up to America to decide which five of them would move on to the Top 13. Five girls and five guys make it through from America’s votes and then the judges each have a wild card pick. First, let’s see what happened with the guys! Scroll down for the results on American Idol 2014 tonight!


Don’t want to know who went home on American Idol 2014 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!










The contestants that got eliminated tonight on American Idol Season 13 are:

  • Briston Maroney
  • Casey Thrasher
  • Ethan Harris
  • Jordan Brisbane
  • Maurice Townsend

The Top 20 on American Idol Season 13 is in place and the guys and girls have both performed after the judges eliminated ten more singers over the past two nights. Now it is up to America to decide which ten singers will make it into the Top 13 on American Idol Season 13 and the judges will each get one wild card pick for themselves!

What do you think of the judges’ picks tonight on American Idol Season 13?

What do you think of the results tonight on American Idol Season 13?

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